DE Music School Concerts

DEMusic School  and Youth Ministry Concerts:

David is really excited to get back into sharing his scripture based music in 2022 and God willing, Covid restrictions will ease so live performances in schools can get back to normality! He will be available to perform concerts on Fridays and every second Thursday (NSW even weeks) this year. He may also be available to help out with church worship on weekends upon request.

DEMusic concerts are written and performed by Mr David Enever (A Christian Primary School teacher with over ten years experience)  and have been previously performed in NSW, VIC and ACT, Australia. 

Concert options include:

- Whole school concerts (for schools less than 200 students) which go for approximately 60 minutes

- Primary concerts (Years 3-6 for schools over 200 students) which go for approximately 60 minutes

- Infants concerts (Years K-2 for schools over 200 students) which go for approximately 45 minutes

- CHRISTMAS SCHOOL COMMUNITY CONCERTS NOW AVAILABLE!! (See more information regarding this in the section below)

- Preschool concerts (up to 30 minutes with a combination of Dave's songs and other preschool classics)

- 30 minute, Virtual Dance Along concerts. These can be done via Zoom or other platforms your school or church use,  for up to 200 participants (though I can cater for larger audiences, just let Dave know) *THESE ARE AVAILABLE TO BOTH AUSTRALIA AND OTHER ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES*

All DEMusic concerts aim to encourage faith formation and reflection through singing, dance and sometimes role playing with friendly dialogue/teaching between songs (with the occasional dad joke...or choo) along with the popular 'air guitar challenge'.

For schools/church groups hosting their first concert, Dave's set list comes mainly from his debut album 'Be the Light (be the hope)' while communities he is revisiting for 2022 will engage with his 'Rise and Walk' set list, including a mix of his new releases and some previous concert favourites.

Feel free to also request your own songs for concerts to suit particular themes you will be focused on for the time of the year he performs. 

"There was such a range of faith-filled songs and opportunities for participation to engage the students from start to finish."

(Debbie Sheather, Principal of St Joseph's Primary School, Lockhart)




"The concert was uplifting and the children were engaged. It was fabulous how it connected Jesus' messages to inspirational songs. Loved 'Be the Light'; was singing it to myself after the concert finished!"

(Philippa Harris, Religious Education Coordinator of Mater Dei Primary School, Wagga Wagga)

"Thank you Dave for an engaging performance for our preschool children. They loved joining in with all the actions and your songs are fun, catchy and inspirational."

(Lisa Addison, Director of St Luke's Preschool, Wagga Wagga)

 If your school (or classes within your school) or church are interested in a live (or virtual) concert,  please contact David using the contact link below.  You can also check his availability using the corresponding link: 





A great option for schools that would like to take the stress out of their end of year school community performances

I'm excited also to now offer DEMusic Christmas School Community Concerts in Term 4 for 2022 and beyond 🎄 If a Christmas themed concert, led by a musician, with involvement by the students is something your school is interested in, this offer might serve you well and cut a lot of stress out for staff organising and running that end of year whole school event! 

After success last year with DEMusic Virtual Christmas concerts (due to COVID restrictions) I am confident that a one hour set, with a mixture of some of my originals and some Christmas Carol covers will both help engage and help school communities to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. With such excitement about this, I've recently just ordered a significant upgrade to my concert sound system, to help further engage future experiences.  

BUT HOW WOULD IT WORK FOR MY SCHOOL? Basically, if your school was to book in one of these concerts, I would send you a YouTube playlist of the songs we would perform to your community (most with dance along actions) and on the day, I would come out to the school to work with individual classes for the first two sessions, before using the afternoon session to do a 'whole school dry run' before we perform it in front of your school community that evening (or afternoon if you require). 

BUT HOW MUCH WOULD THIS COST? Living in Wagga Wagga, the cost will be dependant on travel, accomodation and also on the enrolment size of your school, so it would be best to contact me for a quote. Seeing as I do have a few Thursday/Friday dates still available for Term 4 this year, if there was another school close by that also wanted to book in a concert, this would reduce the price for both schools booking.