From insomnia to a debut album

All in the space of twelve months!

Being born and raised in Wagga Wagga, David Enever grew up on a now defunct dairy farm. Having more of an early interest in cricket, he only really got into playing music late, learning guitar after finishing high school, and learning some piano basics through books his grandmother gave him. David graduated from the final class of Wagga's Trinity Senior High School and studied to become a primary school teacher through his home town's Charles Sturt University. 

After playing music at a variety of Christian Schools and churches in both New South Wales and Victoria for the past decade, David often considered writing his own Christian music. What really initiated this though was his third child Toby, who would often wake his wife Caitlin and him up in the middle of the night, making it a real struggle to go back to sleep. He discovered a cure to this insomnia; reading daily scripture and its reflections, then writing lyrics to them! After he wrote enough to perform a one hour set (albeit with some dad jokes and teaching in between ditties) David was able to perform a concert for his school. Gaining confidence from this, and support from his school system, he was able to perform ten more school concerts around his region during 2019, all while teaching full time. This year, in 2020, David's cutting back some of his teaching hours, aiming to perform even more.

With a few concerts already booked and a debut album released early this year, David will be a busy lad balancing teaching, his music and being a father of three young children.