Teaching Ideas for DEMusic Songs

Here are some teaching ideas to help best use DEMusic songs in the classroom. If you have any other suggestions, I would love to hear from you and add them so other schools could use benefit too. Just use the contact form on this site or shoot me an email.

USING SONGS FOR CLASS AND SCHOOL PRAYER ROUTINES & WORSHIP: St Augustine's famous quote 'To sing is to pray twice' rings true for this idea. Most of the DEMusic song lyric videos have been designed with this in mind, for schools and classes to sing along with for prayer and worship. Click this link to try a song now

ANALYSING LYRICS AND LINKING THEM TO SCRIPTURE: As the majority of DEMusic's songs have been written based from scripture, this could be a higher order thinking challenge for upper primary and high school students. Lyrics slides are available for most released songs, though let me know if more are needed and I'll update accordingly. Most include the scripture reference from what inspired the song.  Click this link for lyrics slide shows

BRAIN BREAKS: The DEMusic dance along videos were designed after I released how many classes at the schools I taught utilised 'Just Dance' or similar type videos to quickly give students a movement break in sessions. Click this link for dance along videos

ROLE PLAY OPPORTUNITIES: I have had many engaging moments getting students to act out some DEMusic songs, particularly for:

Love Your Neighbour as Yourself (The Good Samaritan)

St Paul's Song (Saul's conversion to Paul)

Follow Me (Jesus gathering His disciples)

Lazarus Poor Lazarus (The parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus)

Rise & Walk (Peter and John healing the blind man)

Cast Out on the Right (The miraculous catch of fish) 

Five Loaves, Two Fish (The miracle of the feeding of the five thousand)

Click this link to try a song now

TEACHING STUDENTS TO MAKE THE SIGN OF THE CROSS: The song 'Our Sign' was written as a reflection on why we make the sign of the cross as Catholics but also as an engaging teaching resource to help those students who find it difficult to make the sign of the cross. By singing and practicing the movement of making the sign correctly it is my hope that students are reverently making it in the future, not mixing it up or looking like they're swatting flies. Click this link to see the video for 'Our Sign'

Dave's Teaching Ideas - From teaching Music, Dance & Drama previously

Click here to see a Google Doc of Dave's Teaching Ideas - From teaching Music, Dance & Drama previously

If you have any ideas you'd like to share onto the doc so we don't have to reinvent the wheel, please contact Dave.