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Mum, I Love You Everyday

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‘Mum, I Love You Everyday’ was written as a Mother’s Day reflection. I got sick of listening to the ‘Mama’ song by the Spice Girls each year at my school for Mother’s Day liturgy so I reflected a bit on mothers while putting my daughter down to bed one night; my mum, my wife, grandmothers and mothers I’ve come across through teaching. An acoustic version was originally uploaded to YouTube in 2020 with actions for schools, but the full mix, complete with a kids choir and yobbo choir was recorded and produced in Flying Fox Studios throughout late 2020 and early 2021.


Verse 1:
You’ve carried us along, for longer than we know
You’ve taught us how to love, to care and how to grow
You’re the one we always call, in the middle of the night
Because with you we know, it will be alright

For the ups and all the downs
Through the smiles and the frowns, we’d like to say
Both near or far, no matter where you are
Mum, I love you every day

Verse 2:
You have made us laugh and you have made us cry
You’ve brought out our best and made us always try
For giving of yourself, when I’ve drove you up the wall
I might not know the cost, both the big and the small


Verse 3: (Solo)


Verse 4:
As the years creep on and on, together we will grow
I’ll learn from the best, not that you’d admit it though
The apple it don’t fall, that far from the tree
I’m so happy for the core, that you have given me

Chorus x 2 ‘n’ fade