1. Rise and Walk

From the recording Be the Hope

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Based on Acts 3:1-10, this ballad recalls when Peter and John heal a cripple man begging for alms on the streets of Jerusalem. It challenges us all to rise and walk through the grace of the Holy Spirit, to overcome the challenges daily life throws at us. The timing of this release happened at a time where David himself needed to ‘Rise and Walk’ whilst enduring a bout of depression in his life.

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Rise and walk, I raise you up
Rise and walk, in faith grow strong
Rise and walk, jump, praise God
Rise and walk, spread good news to all!

Verse 1:
While walking through Jerusalem
John and Peter on their way
Walked past a crippled man from
birth, on their way to prayer that day
He asked them for some alms
But the two replied in time
No gold or silver have we got, but
what we have, is sublime


Verse 2:
By right hand Peter took the man
He raised him up that day
The cripple’s feet and ankles were
strengthened right away
Leaping up, walking round
He followed them to pray
When all the townsfolk saw him, they
wondered, what was at play?


Verse 3:
So when we’re down and crippled
Send out Your loving hand
Help get us back on our way
Help us to serve, be grand
Rejoice in You we will
Spreading gospel through our ways
Live our best to rise and walk
For the rest of our days

Chorus ‘n’ fade

(From Acts 3:1-10)