From the recording Be the Hope

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Based on Mark 9:30-37, this ballad reflects on the disciples arguing about who is the best on their way to Capernaum with Jesus. He challenges them to rethink their philosophy and be humble, serving others instead or being served. This is all set to a folksy, country style tune.

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Whoever shall go first will be last
For those who think they’re greatest will be
Don’t come to be served, but to serve
Through grace, give us all we deserve

Verse 1:
With his crew, Jesus left through the land of
Teaching as they went, teaching them to see
Predicting things to come, Jesus shared
with them all
Not knowing what He meant, it’s like they
hit a wall


Verse 2:
To Capernaum they came, arguing on the way
About who’s the best, they had the nerve to
When Jesus queried them, silence fell
right there
Our appetite for glory, it wasn’t really fair


Verse 3:
Thinking now today, we should put away our pride
Blessed are the meek, let the humble bide
Fill us with Your grace, to do what you have
Always put You first and serve as Jesus did